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Flavors and Pricing

Pricing & Flavors
Wedding Cakes
Your wedding cake will have your choice of fillings and flavors and the type of  icing and the amount of servings you request.Therefore please contact for a estimate or schedule a begin your journey of a wedding cake to remember ....
Special Occasion Cakes and 3D Cakes
These cakes are determined on the servings and design and flavors used to create your masterpiece..Just contact me for a consultation or estimate
Delivery and set-up fees :
This will vary on distance will be given when order is placed ..
Flavors: Cakes 2 Design offers the following  cake flavors and icings to customize your cake order .
Basic Cake Flavors
Chocolate                        Dreamsicle Swirl
Strawberry Swirl              Spice
Red Velvet                       Pound
Chocolate Raspberry       Lemon                                             Marble
Yellow                             Wedding White 

Specialty Cakes

Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter  Filling With Chocolate Buttercream

Mandarin Orange Cake with Whipped  Pineapple Icing

Chocolate Cake filled and iced  with Cookies and Cream Buttercream Icing

Chocolate Covered Cherry 

Cheesecakes (Strawberry --Raspberry- Brown Bottom -Many more)  

Carrot Cake (w/ nuts and raisins and pineapple) topped with Cream Cheese Icing 

Supreme Coconut Cake ( Yellow Or Chocolate) topped with Icing and lots of coconut 

Pumpkin Cake torted and iced  with cream cheese filling and walnuts   

Specialty Icings

All cake come with the specialty buttercream icing

Other choices are :

Rolled Fondant

Rolled White or Chocolate Buttercream Icing

White or Chocolate Buttercream

Strawberry Buttercream

Cream Cheese



Chocolate Pudding

Lemon Curd




Vanilla Pudding

Peanut Butter Fluff

Chocolate Mousse

Mocha Mousse

Additional Items

Petite Fors:  Available upon order decorated per request

                    Flavors :Yellow ,White,Lemon, Chocolate


 Decorated Pan Cookies :Chocolate Chip                           



                                         Peanut Butter

Cookies by the Dozen : Chocolate Chip W or w/out walnuts

                                       Oatmeal Raisin

                                        Peanut Butter


Decorated Cutouts  : $8.00 dozen  and Large $9.00 Dozen

                                   with royal or buttercream icing




No-Bake Cookies-  Regular -Dozen $6.00

                               Peanut Butter  Dozen $7.00

Brownies  with or w/out walnuts $7.00Dozen

Swirled Brownies $8.00 Dozen

Blondies $7.00 Dozen



Mini cupcakes upon requests.

Regular size with buttercream : Dozen $7.00

Regular size  w/ characters or flowers Dozen $8.00  

Sugar -Free Cookie Flavors  :   Sugar .....choc-chip    

 choc-pecan....chocolate....oatmeal......P.Butter  $8.00 Dz.

Sugar free Applesauce Cake  made in single servings or whole cake (must purchase entire cake ) $20.00




Whoppie Pies:    Whipped Filling

                           Peanut Butter Filling

                           Strawberry  Filling

Centerpieces :Fruit Bouquets or Vegetable Bouquets

                     (made with seasonal fruits and veggies)

                       Fruit and vegetable dip  available 

   Contact for pricing and place order 3 days before needed



Special Day Gifts

Edible Cookie Bowl Design: this bowl is edible and is filled with homemade cookies  wrapped up and ready to be delivered to someone special in your life ...

Braided Cinna- Bread Bowl :This cinna-bread is in the shape of a container that will be filled with white icing dip...muffins ....cinnamon rolls ...   eclairs ...much more ...wrapped up and ready to be devoured make someone the special person in your day...

Gingerbread Houses:Purchase your House Assembled and filled with cookies .....

Grandmas House :Have grandmas house made and decorated and filled with cookies for the holidays ....

Yule logs :These are a special treat at the holidays ..It is a cake treat filled with a white cream icing and put together to look like a log and iced with chocolate buttercream....

Pumpkin .or chocolate or jelly rolls :This is a holiday treat to all a pumpkin roll filled with cream cheese and walnuts or a chocolate roll filled with white cream filling or choose a jelly roll a sponge cake filled with jelly and roll up and sliced to delight .....

Afternoon Tea: Sometime someone special will need a pick me up or do you need to tell  someone  thank you in a special way if so send them a mug and a tea bag and a handful of bite-size cookies or truffles to make them feel good today ....